Kol drinks

Craft Cocktails
It is our ambition to serve high quality craft cocktails. We put our own twist on the classics as well as inventing our own. We only carry high quality spirits and avoid ingredients with additives and artificial coloring. We only use in-house fresh squeezed juices and we make our own syrups and infuses.
You only live once!

Our food

The cuisine is feel good comfort food with a twist on classic cuisine.
The menu offers a variety of starters, salads, fish, steaks and desserts.
The head chef, Sævar Lárusson is a young ambitious chef who has gathered
years of experience at Reykjavík‘s best restaurants, working along side
many of the country’s most renown chefs.


The Wine List

The wines of our wine list are picked to pair with the courses of our menu and we offer a good selection of wines by the glass as well as whole bottles.

Vínlistinn okkar er sérvalinn til að para með matseðlinum okkar og bjóðum við upp á gott úrval vína í glasatali sem og heilum flöskum.

Click here to view the wine list.